Monthly Archives: October 2012

Goodbye To All That

Last June I read a heartbreaking piece in The New Yorker by the novelist Aleksandar Hemon, about the death of his toddler daughter from brain cancer. I cried copiously as I read it, though I’m not, in general, a cryer. Afterward I felt wrung-out yet fulfilled, as if after a hard workout. My empathy muscles […]

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My Brother, My Pediatric Geneticist

“Why does it matter so much to you to find out exactly what happened?” my brother asked. We were sitting at a picnic table near Hogan’s Fountain while Jonathan and Jasper played in the sprinkler. It was June, and the first time we’d talked in person since Balthazar died. I couldn’t tell whether he thought […]

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Six Months

Last week I picked Jasper up from an afterschool playdate and on the way to the car I asked him how his day had been. “Mrs. H wasn’t there for part of the day,” he said. “We had a sub. And do you know why? It almost made me cry when she said it. She […]

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