Monthly Archives: May 2013

Some of Chapter One

I’ve read that there’s a tribe in east Africa in which the birth date of a child is not considered to be the day he is born, or the day he is conceived. The child’s birth date, the tale goes, is the first day he is a thought in his mother’s mind. When a mother […]

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I spent 2007-2009 writing a novel, my third, called Collision. It was set in the late ’90′s, and was about a young artist who finds a painting she thinks is a lost Jackson Pollock in her grandmother’s attic. To unravel the mystery of how it got there and to uncover Pollock’s connection to her family, […]

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What Now?

So what now? This is as far as I got. I was going to get through Balthazar’s birthday and then…I don’t have a plan, for my grief or for the rest of my life. Every now and then I read an interview with an actor who says something like, “I never had a plan. I […]

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